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the coolest sport in the world. the different weapons are foil, epee, and sabre. all the official tournaments are directed in french so that makes it infinatly cooler and a lot of the actions have french names as well. it takes physical strength and mental strength as well. you better be able to take pain if you want to do this sport.
fencer x- i made this kid bleed i was fencing. i hit him on his knuckle.

fencer y- woah thats so cool
by stupidcurlybangs October 15, 2005
it means shit in french. but in canada swears are taken a lot less seriously so its really more like crap.
kid in canada: "aww merde"
his mother: "what, did you loose something"

the mother doesnt care that her little kid just said shit bc it doesnt matter!
by stupidcurlybangs August 05, 2005

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