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Witnog - What in the name of god.

Saying it when you see something so outrageous
Ste: look at the car over there its got a cheese on top
Dave: Witnog
Ste: Witnog?
Dave: What in the name of god.
Ste: Da!
by stuntbam April 28, 2010
a flexible man, ya know.
this man is fleximan.
by stuntbam August 09, 2006
Another word for a moron
Hey i drink Dr pepper and eat candysticks all day!

Dude you're such a shorrock
by stuntbam September 28, 2010
like hip hop.....with a J!!!!!!!
lets listen to hip hjop. its way better than that thing called hip hop
by stuntbam August 09, 2006

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