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1. Referring to an arty, intellectual person who has conversations that no normal person ever would. Comes from the phrase "My soul is so deep ..."
"Last night I dreamed I was a single red leaf in the dead of winter."

"Wow, that's sodeep."
by Stud April 11, 2005
the English corruption of the ancient (circa 1960's USA) phrase "schmuck, her." The phrase was doubly derogatory. It was used among heterosexual males to indicate worthless specimens of the species, as well as to further belittle said specimens by implying a highly effeminate nature. Eventually, an unwilligness to expend much energy on such "shmucks" prompted speakers to contract the phrase into "Schmicker," its current incarnation.
"Check out that Schmicker."
by Stud March 17, 2005
When the passengers in the back seat of a car slide to one side of the vehicle on a sharp curve. Usually corrected through the use of seatbelts.
"We all curboed when Ashley took the turn too hard."
by Stud April 11, 2005
To frequent a particular place. Often used to correct an understatement.
"Are you eating McDonald's again?"

"Are you kidding? We live at McDonalds?"
by Stud April 11, 2005
A member of the opposite sex who you are interested in and have been doing things with, but haven't made a move on. When introduced in public, you tend to say, "This is my um, friend ..."
"This is Jill, my ... um, friend."
by Stud April 11, 2005
The Ebonics-inflected version of "a blonde bombshell from Lanikai, Hawaii."
Emma just said "Errrin Baron!"
by Stud March 17, 2005
a mother fucking fudge packer
Only extremely gay people are called mofuges.
by Stud June 19, 2004

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