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a terrible place. 'nuff said. right between syracuse and NYC but doesn't make more then a gas station. Extreme changes in temp. (-12 one day and 50 the next). Home of the infamous 'kick a jew day'. more then half of the kids do some sort of drugs. The high school can somehow get enough money to but 30 brand new mac computers yet there's atleast 10 places throughout the school that have leaking roofs with garbage cans under it. cloudy all year round. one of the worst possible places to live. Nobody wants to come here. Don't even drive through it. it's like a frozen hell. all you can hope for here is that you might be one of the lucky one's that escape.
(somewhere in Pennsylvanis)
news reporter: yet another armed robbery happened in Binghamton this morning

guy 1: dude, didn't you grow up in Binghamton?

guy 2: don't remind me -.-
by stuck_in_a_hell February 09, 2011

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