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a english boyband created by simon cowel in the 2010 X factor. they are well known for thier worldwide sensation in pop music. they have made it to the charts quite a number of times, with their debut singles "What makes you beautiful", "One thing", "gotta be you" and "live while were young". The group has become the best selling boyband worldwide and continue to produce no.1 selling music.

i fucking love one direction NIALL HARRY ZAYN LOUIS AND LIAM they are not gay they are straight!!!!!!!
i heart one direction to the max!!! <3
louis: can i hit you in the balls harry

harry: no i want tachos

niall: but i want nandos for lunch

liam: i want my turtle
zayn:do u like my ski haircut
everyone: i love being one direction
by stropy October 07, 2012
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