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1.To go dumb. simple
2. Carefree lifestyle, originated in the bay.

Jimmy: Ghost ride that whip, and pass that purp!
Joey: Ok, but your going to have to shake them dreads.
Jimmy: Man pass that blunt!(while shaking his dreads going dumb on the hood of the car)
Joey: Man ur hella hyphy! keep it up and ur going to ride that yellow bus!
#hyphy #go dumb #go stupid #hiphy #shake them dreads #dummy retarded #ride the yellow bus
by strikezero March 14, 2006
To con money out of someone, lie or be otherwise dishonest, only to face ritual humiliation on a worldwide scale.
Jessie: danm you dealt the cards wrong!

Megan: Fu*k bryan you just busted a Amir!

Bryan: Fu*k
#amir #cheat #humiliation #do an amir #con #fucker
by strikezero June 01, 2006
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