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2 definitions by strikeswhilehot

The "currency" used when paying for an item while using a computer or smart phone.

Follows the nomenclature of other established currencies which all start with the letter "c" – cash, credit, credit card, check, coin

Some times shortened to "chips"
When Joe said he didn't have any change for the vending machine Nicole said, "Just wave your phone at it. It takes chip change."
by strikeswhilehot October 19, 2010
#1) The list of things that one has "to do for the day".

#2) The definition of the upcoming day
Rachel "Betty, what's your doday look like?"
Betty "Besides work I've got to hit the market for dinner, pick up the kids at 3 and fit yoga in at some point."

After three cups of coffee John finally started thinking about his doday.
by strikeswhilehot January 04, 2012