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3 definitions by street whizard

An extra large muscular body builder who is a full fledged flamming homosexual.
Stay clear of the bench press until
Hulk Homo finishes up. Otherwise you might get 2 broken arms and your ass pumped.
by street whizard April 07, 2009
83 17
The process of walking and squeezing your ass cheeks firmly together resulting in the shuffling of your feet. This process is orchestrated to prevent the escape of a giant turd or expolsive diairrea.
I totally did the Shuffles Gonzalez all
the way the bathroom! Many Thanks Taco Bell.
by street whizard April 08, 2009
56 8
Described as a feminine acting male usually
dressed up in penny loafers with his jeans
and sleeves rolled up wearing a stupid hat
with a feather, holding a large lacy umbrella open, walking down the street window shopping and browsing the sales at Diane's Dress Shop.
1. OMG..look! There goes little Johnny
prancing down the street sporting the
pink lacy umbrella again. That boy is a
Total and complete homo.

2. Boy George, Elton John, George Bush,
by street whizard April 07, 2009
16 9