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A dirty kip of a place about 15 miles west of Limerick City on the N69. It is infested with scumbags and pikeys who would rob the eyes from your head given half a chance. The majority of the population are the Irish equivalent to the toothless, inbred hillbillys of Deliverance fame.
Don't go to Askeaton, they will either rob you or push in your poo without consent!
#ashkayton #asskeaton #assgayton #askeaton #kip
by stranger in moscow March 16, 2011
A phrase to describe a method of delaying premature ejaculation. Basically, it entails thinking about an ugly bastard of a ginger so you dont blow too soon.
Oh crap, I'm gonna cum too soon if I don't do something about it. I know, I'll think of Gay!
#premature ejaculation #ginger #sex #cum #ugly
by Stranger in Moscow April 03, 2011
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