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Someone angling for a position of leadership within a school, often referred to as Prefect. A blue tie hunter will often partake in activities solely for the purpose of being seen as "contributing to the life of school" and racking mad popularity with the teachers. The phrase arises from the blue tie awarded to prefects in a particular Sydney school.
"Mate, you know that guy's doing cadets, the musical, rowing, rugby, choir, band, debating, swimming and athletics."
"Yeah mate, he's a blue tie hunter for sure."
by StrAngeR May 21, 2015
Means going from placid to showing signs of aggression.
That bunny got teeth.
by stranger September 28, 2004
a drug dealer's groupie... hangs out and puts out in the hope of free drugs
She'll do anyone for the chance of a line, a total dust muffin
by stranger March 08, 2004
Like ginormous; a combination of "huge" and "humungous". How to define something bigger than big... offscale hugeness.
That guy's nose is hugeungous
by Stranger February 27, 2005
Abbreviation for Alcoholics anonymous and what is known as AAA (triple A) in the Americas.

Also stands for Automobile Assosciation, a company that performs roadside repairs on cars, reviews on hotels and restaraunts.
"The car has broken down, I am calling the AA"
by Stranger January 29, 2005

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