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Coined in the late 20th century, the lesser-spotted "fannybawz" is derived from a combination of the terms "fanny" (minge) and "bawz" (testicles). It is generally used as an insult or exclamation, but occasionally can be used as a term of endearment. It is also most commonly found in Scotland. Next time you're up here, use it in a sentence to impress your new friends with your in-depth knowledge of their locale.
1. As an exclamation - "Fannybawz, I forgot the mustard!"
2. Insult - "You're rather ugly, fannybawz"
3. Term of endearment (rare) - "Oh fannybawz, you're amazing in bed"
by stranger December 20, 2004
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directed generally to a completley stupid fuckwit who acts like a complete fanny one day and an utter bawbag the next!
what you lookin at fannybawz ?
by zara October 23, 2004

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