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A black abyss for one's soul, MSOE (aka: the Milwaukee School of Engineering) is a place where high school graduates with dreams of becoming and "Engineer" who will solve the world's problems and four years later (assuming you stay "on track"), exit a cynical, depressed, easily angered by other's relative stupidity, probably alcoholic, sleep-deprived shell of a human being. However, to make up for the years of turmoil, struggle, and pain, the MSOE graduate makes cash money and is considered very desirable in the many engineering fields. This sole redeeming feature of MSOE is likely to be the only thing that keeps students from dropping out winter quarter of junior year as the snow piles up everywhere, the days are short, and only gloom exists. All this combined with an unrelenting workload and only 2 weeks for winter break, MSOE strives to break the will of all who enter it's halls and classrooms in order to show that upon graduation, life can only get better from here on out since you will likely not have to stay up until 2am every night of the week finishing up formal lab write-ups and homework assignments with at least half the alphabet as subsections to each problem. Finally, there are almost no girls. This is good for forearm strength, but also an increased amount of testosterone and a greater need to drink yourself into oblivion every weekend.
MSOE Senior: "Why didn't I go to a Liberal Arts School" as he drinks his 3rd NOS of the night and continues to stare at his excel spreadsheet of bad lab data.
You know it's 10th week at MSOE when you masturbate in the CC bathroom because you don't have time to go home before sunrise.
Student 1: How's it going?
Student 2: Oh you know. Same shit, bigger pile.
by Str8UpH8 October 15, 2013
Hawaiian way to say The Shit - notice the failure to differentiate plural from singular, (due to the heavy Pidgin speaking population on the islands)
Wow, I found $900.00 in the wallet I ripped-off from that tourist! That's the shits!
by str8uph8 April 27, 2009
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