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~if u are not accepted to sp its because ur family doesnt own a jeep, ~ur webshots document ur life (if u dont have them u obviously have no friends),
~"going up the hill" is code for "going to the bathroom to fix the hair and apply the makeup, then panting up 8 million steps to the lunch room where u strut ur stuff down the isle and guys stare like they've never seen a girl before".
~lax is a must; if u dont play it (or at least go to the games every weekend) ur life has no point
~spirit dance is a big makeout fest and if ur not grinding with the nearest person than u shouldnt be there
~girls get rides with random people who have the newest jeep up the hill every morning to prayers where they sit there and pretend to sing with the faculty.
~fake tanner and fake blonde hair is part of the dress code.
~where guys are welcome in every class as long as mrs. blackman aprroves of their hottness
~a normal meal consists of bbq doritos and a popsicle
~where preparation for putting on the hits starts in september
~there is a compitition to see who can have the shortest, tightest and most ass bearing skirt in the school
~where leaving campus to go to panera is more common than breathing
~where the varsity lax teams beat EVERYONE EVERY year
~and field hockey is second only to nothing
~where the universal away message is "out...call cell"
~no one makes plans on thursday because of the oc
~where popping the collar of a pink ralph lauren polo is not an option.
mvp girl says to sp guy: i cant believe u guys beat loyola again! ur such awesome laxers!!
sp girl says to mvp girl: fuck off u kno u like them better.
by stpaulser May 03, 2005
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