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An egotistical faggot high school junior who lies to girls, fails at preforming sexual acts, and refuses to date freshmen. Comes off as a big flirt, and only wants in girls' pants. He puffs his chest out when he walks to masturbate his ego even more, and wears the same hideous shorts every day. Often play unmanly sports like lacrosse instead of a more physical contact sport.

Although his taste for music is fantastic, do not let this or his looks lure you in. His personality portrays a whole different person once you get to know the real Zach.
Hi I'm Zach and I'm definitely better than anyone else is this building!

Hey I'm Zach. When I wear a sports jersey or any of my assorted Hollister shirts, I puff out my chest!
by stoptheloveitkillsme April 14, 2010

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