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The title given to any number of hellish weeks spent at a university over summer practicing debate. At camp, students learn the fundamentals of debate as well as strategy, theory, and how to run strange post-modern arguments that only fellow debaters and experienced judges will understand. Students will also learn the art of staying awake for 4 days at a time, that espresso is its own food group, and how to acquire drugs in a foreign city. Days of camp are typically 7am-3am and some weeks there will be as many hours of sleep as there are arms on a Ugandan refugee. Students are likely to return home with a permanent carpet texture to their face (acquired by sleeping in the isles of law libraries), excessive kritiks and Kantian quotes, an appreciation for adderall and a deep relationship with their laptop.
"Where have you been all summer?"-Boy 1
"Oh sorry, I have been at Stanford for debate camp the past three weeks. I'm sure we can arrange a library or coffee meeting if you would like to look over my flows from practice rounds"-Boy 2
by stoprantingwhitedevil April 16, 2009

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