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a game played with a bong that is a cross between table top foot ball and smoking bong. the game is played between two stony individuals. the players sit across from each other at a table, and define two three inch "endzones" at each end. Stoner A must pack the bowl as full as can be, and then the games begin. stoner 1 must take a hit, and then slide the lighter towards the other player, attempting for it to stop in the end zone. if the lighter stays in the endzone, the player who just shot gets to take another hit, then pass the bong. if the lighter ends up half off the table, the player who just shot gets two extra hits, and a chance to shoot again. the game goes on in this fassion untill the bowl is empty. the winner is determined by no logical precedings, but rather by and agreement as to who had the most stony fun!! its the greatest game ever, and must be played with a large, volumnious bowl.
stoner 1: hey lets hit this bong
stoner 2: i wish there were a way we could make hitting the bong both interesting and fun
stoner 1: there is!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!1!!!!! BONG PONG!!!
stoner 2: sounds fun
420 minutes later
stoner 2: so who do you think won
stoenr 1: i dont know who took more hits
stoner 2: i did
stoner 1: well it doesnt matter i had more fun, and therefore i won
stoner 2: that seems illogical, i like your stony thinking
by stonycuddles42.069 January 29, 2008

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