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1. Any person who, in an official capacity, sends other people out routinely for dangerous activities while himself having never been exposed to the same risky behavior. This usually occurs in an authoritarian, militarized system and comes with constant propaganda in which the leader fashions himself as an ultimately benevolent crusader. The film "American History X" is an excellent, small-scale example.

2. An adult male who behaves in a sexual and often predatory manner towards adolescent males. This usage of the term is becoming archaic, in favor of "pedophile."
1. President Cush says that able men and women owe it to the nation to defend it against the Commies, but his military records prove him to be a chickenhawk.

2. I shot that sumbitch chickenhawk with mah .44. Blew a hole right through 'is head. He ain't gonna bother my nephew Cletus no more.
by stonerabbit November 25, 2006

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