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19 definitions by stoner

the 1337est videogamer of them all
kaiser is soo goddamn 1337
by Stoner June 28, 2004
Used as a code word over the phone when talking about marijuana cigarettes, joints, reefers, doobies, chongers, etc., etc....
Hey man do you got any rusty mufflers?
by stoner July 17, 2002
being under the influence of any drug
dude im so stoned, i cant even walk
by stoner March 19, 2005
What happens when white trash whores don't have money to pay for Playboy boobs at Boob R Us, but still want to have big tit (notice the lack of 'ties')
Dumb bitch wants them fake ass playmate titties, but couldn't pay for it, so she got a uniboob.
by Stoner May 23, 2003
The reason for wars and pain and death in the world.
nothing else to say really
by stoner April 06, 2005