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"The last ni**a is da pastah... ready ta blast ya. I don't play no muthafu*kin games, D-S-G-B, ya know tha name, wood grain in the muthafu*kin doudy truck, got the black n' red seats with the Georgia tuft, an' i got my helmet hangin' out the winda ready to buss da head of a Fuckin Pretendah! N*GGA AS SOON AS I ENTA, YA KNOW I'M MAKIN' NOISE, PASTOR TROY AND DA EAST SIDE BOYS! AK's Bussin, i ride da whole clip, i cock at that ho, and let the MOTHAFU*KA RIP! cuz sank shit is whad-i live for.... fuck him,.... fuck her. i'm representin', put some more 'yac in my mug...... SO I CAN THROW IT UUUUUUP!!!!
the above lyrics were from Lil Jon's album Part II featuring the East Side Boys and such Dirty South artists. the song this verse is in is called 'Throw It Up'. oh yeah.

Pastor Troy.
by stompy September 07, 2006

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