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psychiatric ward,a place for the mentally unstable
Hey Stogie ,you wanna go down to the Voodoo Lounge and have a few beer's? it's 25 cent draft night. No thanks,I was there last week,it was a madhouse.
by stogie66 June 16, 2010
A combination of the VELVETEEN RUB /// Getting a blow job from a woman or man who has removed a full set of dentures. A toothless blow job. And a BLUMPKIN /// Receiving oral sex while taking a shit.

see also: crumpkin

also see my favorite ;) Blumpkin pie
As the old man sat down to take a shit,the old broad popped out her dentures and said what the hell I might as well earn my keep, and suck his nasty,wrinkled, shriveled, pale old cock while he takes his morning dump.it's been a few years since I performed the old VELVETEEN BLUMPKIN, she thought to herself.
by stogie66 October 23, 2009

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