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When someone (usually a girl) nags you by just looking at you.
Guy; "Valentine's Day is a waste of time."
Girl: ** eye nag**
by stocktrader May 30, 2011
Internet users who post, en mass, mostly-useless comments on online articles.

This term particularly refers to users who post comments on articles which not the kind of articles which require any analysis. The articles generally come in 2 types: (1) articles about superficial topics (such as: entertainment, celebrity) that aren't important enough to comment on. And (2) articles where the general opinion about the article is obvious so there is no need to state it.

Comment cattle are usually the kind of people that like to hear themselves talk, and are generally less intelligent than the average internet user. One of the ironies about comment cattle is that they usually post comments on articles to point out how stupid other people are.

Some savvy internet users now create viral stories to draw in comment cattle, such as the girl who supposedly got a tattoo on her arm after dating her boyfriend for only one week - even though it turned out to be a hoax. Even some legitimate news sites write articles which are particularly designed to bring out comment cattle - "The Huffington Post" and "Yahoo" are two examples.
EXAMPLE 1 - An article about Jenifer Aniston buying new shoes:
Commenter #1: "This article is stupid. Why do they even publish this?"
Commenter #2: "Because it brings out the comment cattle. Like you."

EXAMPLE 2 - An article about a mom who sold her kids for a Big Mac:
Commenter #1: "Burn in hell."
Commenter #2: "I can't believe a mother would do this."
Commenter #987: "She doesn't deserve to be a mother!"
by stocktrader April 12, 2012
When background music is added to a TV show or movie for dramatic effect, but it ends up drowning out the dialogue to the point at which a viewer can't even hear what people are saying. It is a stylistic choice based on the assumption that most viewers are primitive creatures whose attentions will more likely to be captivated by primitive noise than by words.

Although "ear-jamming" occurs in all types of auditory media (radio, TV shows, and movies), it most commonly occurs in documentary-style TV shows and movies.

It usually leads to a situation where viewers are constantly modulating the volume of their TVs as they watch a program in order to either: (1) mitigate the assaultive music or turning the volume down (2) or to hear the now-relatively-quieter underlying dialogue turning the volume up.

When the background music comes on especially suddenly, it is also know as a "music assault".
"Hey, that was a really entertaining documentary!"
"Yeah, but the background music was too frigging loud. I couldn't even hear what they were saying with all that ear-jamming."
by stocktrader March 30, 2012
An affectionate name for any being that pukes on a regular basis. The term can refer to babies, but mostly refers to pets (especially cats).
Person 1: "Why does the cat keeping throwing up on the carpet?"
Person 2: "Because he's a puke monster."
by stocktrader April 12, 2012
An annoying game people have to play when they want to change the channel on their TV but can't find the remote control.

The game usually involves looking between couch cushions and under the couch. The game can become especially annoying when the remote gets inexplicably wrapped up in a blanket and you have to unravel the whole blanket in order to find it.
Person 1: "It;s eight o'clock, can you change the channel to 'Big Bang Theory'?"
Person 2: "Hold on, I gotta play 'Find the remote'".
by stocktrader April 12, 2012

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