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3 definitions by stnzmn90

An attractive girl who is incredibly cool and chill. You have a great time with them. This phenomenon is strange considering most hot girls are stuck up and annoying while most "fat" girls are nice and fun to hang out with.
Wow Betty is so hot and cool it's almost as if she has a fat chick mentality.
by stnzmn90 October 22, 2007
One of your friends in a group who tends to scare away girls most of the time because he's an idiot around them.
I was with a few buddies last night but Bob was such a repellent.
by stnzmn90 October 17, 2007
1) A girl who sucks dick, but swallows like a champ.
2) A friend who is acting retarded.
1) O man Sam was being my ween sauce boss last night, she was sucking my dick so good.
2) Tim was being such a ween sauce boss last night, he couldn't stop laughing about stupid shit.
by stnzmn90 October 22, 2007