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an animal bred for tuffness by men who are genetically deficient in the phallus-region.

pitbulls are often found urinating on churches, attacking elderely women in their sleep, and at least once a month, eating small children.

sadly, this isn't a flaw of the breed. when raised in a functional environment, pitbulls typically grow to be an affectionate, yet protective, breed of dog. agression is created two ways.

#1 - the aforementioned small-phallus'd man who beats his dog, because he needs to vent. he can't satisfy women, and no matter how many tribal tats he gets, people still don't think he's badass. the dog, in turn, learns to hate all people and becomes a scourge of society.

#2 - stupid, timid women who don't know what the fuck they're doing. letting a dog run a household is so backwards, i don't even know where to begin. they let the pit get away with everything because he's so cute, and when he misbehaves she attempts to swat him. the dog snarls, she backs off, and the dog learns to intimidate people.
Tuff Boi: See my new bluenose pitbull?
Dog Lover: He's adorable! Want to take him to the dog park to play with the other puppies?
Tuff Boi: Socialize my dog? That would make too much sense.
by stlmxc September 03, 2007
someone of irish descent. the term comes froms the fact that many irishmen were/have been greenskeepers on golf courses.
i swear, stormfront is nothing but a bunch of ignorant turf cutters who are completely unaware of the trials and tribulations the irish faced in america. talk about ironic!

note: my use of the term "turf cutter" in this example is in itself meant to be ironic.
by stlmxc September 12, 2008

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