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18 definitions by stinky

An oversized fitted baseball hat with no bend in the brim worn to the side by African-American males or white buffoons.
Tarik wore his best douche helmet last Friday night to compliment his XXXL white t-shirt.
by Stinky July 21, 2004
24 8
during anal sex the lube and the shit mix together to form ass tea
this one time i was fucking a girl in the ass from behind and noticed that the ky and her bung juices formed a fucked up brown liquid
by stinky July 07, 2003
19 6
Residue stuck to the base of the penis and testicles after intercourse with a girl on her period.
After banging Erin's bloody cooch, Jon looked down and noticed rust on his junk.
by Stinky July 21, 2004
44 35
A Caucasian male utilized by African-American celebrities to portray all white men as weak and foolish, thus making themselves seem tough and socially acceptable.
Jimmy believed that accepting the role as "white buffoon #2" on the Method and Red show would boost his chances for real acting work.
by Stinky July 21, 2004
12 7
An obsessive workout set that occurs 3-5 days prior to a vacation in hopes of improving one's looks.
Jon worked tirelessly on his vacation set at the gym in hopes of looking good for the ladies at the Jersey Shore.
by stinky July 29, 2004
2 3
when gay men shove dicks in each others ear so much that jizz comes in contact with the brain
mike has jizzbrain
by stinky May 27, 2003
2 3
When a man takes a bag of ice and drops it on his scrotum just at the point of climax while masturbating. The idead is that the cold ice shocks the testicles and thus produces an exciting feeling.
Jon couldn't believe the orgasm he experiences when he gave himself an icer.
by stinky July 22, 2004
5 10