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A U.F.O. Death clut from Dallas TX. U.S.A.
based mostly on the "Bahai" teachings and a certian flare that only a true redneck can muster.
Founded by Rev. Ivan Stang, Doktor Philo Dumand, Doktor Adam Gone, Puzzeling Evidence and other varrious freaks.
The "curch" as it is called was openly guided by a sales man named JR. Bob Dobbs who was killed in San Francisco in 1986 by Uni-brow and others.
the cult itself has become watered down and nearly dormant in recent years even to the point of closeing down "Dobbstown" in Malaysia (a social terrorist training camp)in 1998.
Varrious off shoots and copy-cat cults have been birthed from this main cult.
basicly a bunch of jerk offs.
That bob-dammed subgenius bastard just stole my wallet! lets go find him and join his cult! then kick his ass!
by stinky twat April 23, 2009

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