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a style of fags that completely spits on metal and what metal once was. you cant tell the difference between male and female sometimes because for some reason way beyond me thats whats "cool" scene kids are a plague to metal because they think bands like the devil wears prada, bring me the horizon, parkway drive and stuff like that is hardcore when most scene kids think theyre brutal they will go to actual metal concerts and sit in the back and stand around like retarded ass hats. scene kids are the worst thing to spawn out of metal and suicide silence, whitechapel, the acacia strain etc are NOT nor will they ever be real metal. deathcore (excluding some) is now mostly aimed to scene styles and what scene kids like to hear with the long greasy ass hair gay low v cut shirts and slipper things. scene kids pretty much take the jock, metalhead/rocker, emo, and gangster styles. scene kids dont deserve the air they breathe
Scene kid-"look how br00tl i am! im gonna go to a Dying Fetus concert and not do anything but look dark and mysterious and make people want to kick my ass cuz thats whats coooll
Metalhead-drops the scene kid on the floor and stomps his head in-
by stillborn90 June 26, 2010
any mother fucker thats chill to any type of music that they think sounds good. every metalhead has their own opinion on music you dont have to wear anything that looks metal to be metal. theres so many types of music and metal out there so you cant be too picky. we like to chill smoke some greens play some tunes slam some brews and pit to the death metalheads if you know them are some of the most chill funny ass hell awesome people you will ever know certain scene music and metal can be mixed up however scene kids are not metal nor will they ever be but metalheads are awesome as hell fuck what the rest of the world says we will never die
Metalheads will never die so raise your horns up to the sky

Some things were meant to stay underground
by stillborn90 June 26, 2010

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