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noun; person, in most cases a male, who dances in tight pants and flat shoes, similar to the look of Tinker-Bell.

Tinker Balls is another synonym for Twinkle Dick

To be referred to as a "Tinker Balled Bitch" is the same to being called a closet-homo, w/hilla or a fag
"Dude, did you see TINKER BALLS last night, at first i thought he was one of the go go dancers."

"He's fine as hell, until he starts busting out this weird Irish jig meets jumpforce style of dancing, hes total TINKER BALLED bitch."

twinkle dick fucktard w/hilla mancer
by stillCANTpoop August 02, 2011
adjective; After ingesting drugs(mostly uppers) the peaking (the highest level, maximum feeling,experiencing intense euphoria) point of a high when a person experiences that rampant need to fart or poop, naturally fighting the urge the person enervate's the muscle leading to an involuntary passage of stool. ...a Peak A Poop

A PEAK A POOP is more common in those who use ecstasy, other incidents are experienced when using cocaine, meth, ect

Also known as a fart ambush Peak A Sheen, Poopay Lohan epileptic ass E-butt slipperystool
"AHHH Betch oh my god Girl, do you feel it yet?"

"I think so Betch, Like this coach feels soooooooo amazing, did your Baatman kick in yet?"

"Shet betch, it just hit me, let me know if I like start to smell?"

"Shet betch did you peak a poop?"

"ahahahahahahah, I thought i like held it in betch, but im starting to smell poop."

"Oh my god betch i smell poop too, you totally peak a pooped your pants!"

"Shet betch, what-ev, i peak a pooped
by stillCANTpoop August 02, 2011

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