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An arrangement in which one or more male friends decide that the most successful of the group will house the rest of his friends in his basement during adulthood.
Me and my friends Adam and Ryan just decided to become basement brothers. If I'm on MTV cribs one day, they'll be the guys playing ps3 and eating Cheetos in the background.
#blood brothers #friends #friendship #entourage #posse #male relationship #brothers #basement #basement brothers
by stice55 July 20, 2010
Placing a phone call that evacuates a friend from an uncomfortable or inconvenient situation, effectively offering an excuse to leave.
When I was stuck watching Disney’s Mulan with my youth group, I texted my friend Trachelle and had her call in a bomb threat for me. I’m pretty sure everyone knew my phone call wasn’t really important, but my disdain for Disney movies outweighed any social guilt.
#rescue #escape #bail one out #evacuation #come to rescue #save #bomb threat #calling in a bomb threat #called in a bomb threat
by stice55 November 09, 2010
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