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The cheesy cum remnants found under the foreskin of a male corpse. Consumed by a munger, or collected in jars and then taken to a family social outing and spread on bread or scones. Many people engage in the practice of mung cheese harvesting, as it is a delicacy in many sadistic religions and can also be used to make perfume for ignorant rich people.
bring the jar, this one's got a good load of mung cheese.
by stia-styles June 27, 2007
A mung donor is one who declares, in their will, that their body (after death) will be used for the purposes of munging. This is often done for the financial gain of a specific church or charity, or just because they like the idea of it.
My Uncle Harry was a mung donor, he gets munged every Friday.
by stia-styles June 27, 2007
the sex doll which is produced after months of saving up one's shit and then sculpting it into the shape of a woman. the doll is usually destroyed while making love to it for the first time because of its delicate nature. the user of the doll will usually contract many diseases from the experience.
hey man, i finished my homemade sex doll this morning, im going home for a root!
by stia-styles June 27, 2007

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