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A Stewbear was originally named for its bear like stature and gentle personality. A Stewbear is a kind human with a somewhat frightful outward appearance. They often stand well over six feet tall with wide shoulders. Despite a Stewbear's powerful appearance, they are known to be easily startled. A Stewbear is a modern day gentle giant.
I was frightened when the Stewbear first approached me, but I quickly became calm and felt protected.
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by stewbear September 08, 2011
Niceopathy is a psychological disorder causing a personality flaw in-which the afflicted presents themselves as excessively nice.

Niceopaths always seem to be friendly and caring, but are actually depressed and often angry. They hide behind a wall of smiles protecting their fears and insecurities which would otherwise manifest by way of their verbal and/or physical abuse.

Symptoms and warning signs of those suffering from niceopathy may include, but are not limited to; constant smile, rigid but proper conversation etiquette, severe anal retentiveness, and fluctuating frequency/pitch of voice (often sounding gentle, melodic, and too happy).

Many people suffering from niceopathy make the best of their disorder and become successful in sales. Statistics show that the majority of Real estate agents and car salespeople suffer from niceopathy.

Unfortunately, family members of niceopaths end up suffering the most. At home, a niceopath often feels comfortable and in enough control to lift their mask of niceness and reveal the depressed, angry, quick tempered person that lurks within them.

The worst cases of niceopathy have presented with an excessively nice person in an inexplicable fit of rage; i.e. "going postal".
"At first the waitress seemed happy, but as soon as she spoke we instantly knew that she was being too nice. She was just faking it and suffered from niceopathy"
#going postal #niceopothy #niceopathilogical #niceopathology #pathologically nice #too sweet #too nice #postal
by stewbear September 14, 2011
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