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2 definitions by steven rago

1. kool stuff that makes shit go away
2. a good tool wen u draw a penis on a paper and u need to get rid of it
1) redneck: tat whiteout ove' there really made ma shit go away
other guy: yep it did

2) me: oh shit i drew a big fat penis on my final
friend:holy fuk rago thats a big penis better use whiteout
by steven rago May 21, 2007
14 19
a book about a horny guy and a slutty grl they find each other at a dance and the guy likes for tits for a 14 year old so he sneaks in her room and they fuk then at the end they die its a dumb book dont read
me: mannnn wats up im readin romeo and juliet
friend: awww fuck no i h8 tat book they fuk to much
by steven rago May 03, 2007
76 114