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3 definitions by steven dalal

A(anal) to O(oral) tranfer refers to when a man is fucking a girl in the ass and then directly after sticks it in her mouth; thus transfering his cock from the anus to the mouth.
Damn bro, that chick is so dirty hot. I think that I may be able to pull of the A to O transfer on that bitch tonite. Shes so slutty that shel crave the taste of her own ass!
by steven dalal May 09, 2005
noun; an indian man who digs holes for Satan. He is known for digging 15 mile deep holes and placing niggers there.
that devil digger is a real piece of shit. He need to stop digging hole for Satan and start making love to more blacks.
by steven dalal May 06, 2005
a "foot" fetish to please a homosexual. When a man inserts his entire foot up another man's asshole.
The faggot loved feet so much that he would pay men (foot soldiers) to shove their feet up his ass. He screamed in agonizing pain as Henry's toes cracked through his rectum.
by steven dalal May 05, 2005