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'Fuck off for now' - Passive/aggressive manner of extricating oneself from social network chat without causing immediate offense. Bastardisation of tweenglish 'Ta Ta for now'.
The Pope - So I says to ma bitch 'Get down there'.

The Pope - You still there?
Archbishop of Cantebury - Yeah but look fofn.

The Archbishop is now offline
by stevecurse October 10, 2010
Something that happens to someone who relights a spliff whilst it's between their lips causing the end to catch light and flare up and burning a sunburn like blister on the end of their nose.
Dude, what happened to your face? You look like a baked clown.

Yeh, fired up half a blunt last night and, woosh, me got a stoner's nose.
by stevecurse May 19, 2011

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