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STV is sexy
Your mom thinks Cip Chi Moawn
by steve smith June 17, 2004
Derived from the term rofl (rolling on floor laughing), rofloffigus is used when a situation is extremely funny.
That n00b totally just pwned you! ROFLOFFIGUS!
by Steve Smith July 27, 2004
a cool dance hat youdo to boogie songs
by steve smith January 11, 2005
Noun: one who acts stupid, dumb, slow, lazy, or clumsy.
You dumb mook, you stepped on my pizza!
by Steve Smith October 18, 2004
A weapon commonly used in FPSs. Can backfire, causing teamkill or suicide.
Hold "x" to swap for grenade launcher.
by Steve Smith August 01, 2004
boston terminology for blowjob
Petey went down to the cape this weekend and got a wicked soaker from Marcie.
by Steve Smith March 17, 2004
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