5 definitions by steve and will

farlk- the sound of a wet fart
oh my! johnny you may want to go use some paper that sounded like a farlk.
by steve and will February 14, 2008
clamslammer- slang for a penis.
after years of agony, Beverly realized she would never again have the enjoyment of a good clamslammer.
by steve and will February 14, 2008
pyledriver- a device used to push hemoroids back into the anal cavity
george's hemoroids were so bad he had to buy an over sized pyledriver
by steve and will February 14, 2008
The gritty residue left behind from a rancid snizz.
The test results confirmed that Sally's snilt level was dangerously high!
by steve and will April 18, 2008
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