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Wanking grades

20 grades in total for wanking after you do one grade you have to wait another day from trying the next
G1=30 seconds
G2=2 mins
G3=4 mins
G4=5 mins
G5= 10 mins
G6=20 mins
G7=30 mins
G8=40 mins
G9=50 mins
G10=1 hour
G11=2 hours
G12=3 hours
G13=4 hours
G14= 5 hours
G15=1 day
G16=1 week
G17=1 month
G18=1 year
G19=3 years
G20= For the rest of your life.
If you fail grade 20 you cant try again
Stephen= Hey dude i completed grade 19 yesterday.
Sam= But you were at school, how did you do that?
Stephen= I automatically wank in my pants, 3 years, the only way i can be stopped if i get hit in the bulls.
Sam= Im grade 18

Jack= You guys talking about Wanking grades
Both= Go away jack
by Stephencame2ndinthewankingcomp December 01, 2009
1= You have 2 side your petals wither and thrithe (happy,sad) And in darkness you die sunlight you grow.
2= You cheat.
1= Stephen: Im a flower.
2= Sam: Im a flower
Andrew:why did you cheat on me?!
Sam:Coz ur fat and ugly and ANNOYING.
by stephencame2ndinthewankingcomp December 11, 2009
A roadside diner strained all over england, before heston blumenthal took it over it was a shithole with shit food and in fucking financial ruin, but there are only two fucking shops with the new food one in fucking sheffield i think and one in a shitty village called popham near basingstoke near southampton but southampton has noooothing to do with basingstoke or the portsmouth fuckers.
Erik: Little chef is good now that heston took over.
Eriks dad: Fuck off small fry get a dick and some pubes.
by stephencame2ndinthewankingcomp December 29, 2009
When you get fluff and fabrics from your under wear on your penis and you celan it in the shower and a minute later its back! It wont go away!!!
Mark: Hey jane, i got some penis fluff.
(JK the poofter intervenes)
JK:Want me to suck it off for you????
by Stephencame2ndinthewankingcomp December 29, 2009
A tie that goes under your shirt and out, if you wear a jumper over your shirt and tie and your tie hangs below your jumper its a tie penis, most common with yr 7s in fact i can pick 7 a day.
Ah for god sake nich you have a tie penis!!!
by stephencame2ndinthewankingcomp January 15, 2010
Pronounced Sue-un, it is either a= Someone who likes their own posts or status's and no-one comments on them.

B= Someone who spends their life on facebook but only has like 44 friends XD.
Steve= Went to school today XD.
Steve likes this
John, fuck off steve your A Suann.

Jane= oo farmville
Jon= You spend your life on facebook but only have 12 friends, YOU SU-ANN.
by stephencame2ndinthewankingcomp January 03, 2010

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