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A person who is determined to figure out the source of a smelly fart.
Why is Bobby sniffing everyones ass. Someone must of called the fart police.
by Stephen McDonnell February 10, 2006
A person willing to venture into unknown places without care or thought.
That new guy you hired sure is one hell of a blindsailor..
by Stephen McDonnell January 20, 2006
If calling someone a dick just doesn't seem good enough then try Mega dick. It adds that extra kick and drives it home.
That Bobby A at work is quite the Mega dick. I wish he'd just keel over and die.
by Stephen McDonnell February 09, 2006
Someone who is really hard to deal with. The term is usually directed at males and can be used in most cases where one would be called an asshole.
That guy at the box office was a real cockpounder.
by Stephen McDonnell January 25, 2006
Used in escalating anger when saying one Jesus isn't enough. With each jesus said the tone becomes louder and stronger so by the third jesus you are using everything you got.
(a ketchup bottle falls from the fridge and smashes all over the floor)
jesus Jesus JESUS!!!!!
by Stephen McDonnell February 09, 2006
Any hole or opening on the human body.(Ass, mouth, ear, nose, vagina, peehole).
I'd sure love to stick my dick in her flesh hole.
by Stephen McDonnell February 10, 2006
A white substance that forms in the crotch area do to heat, moisture and alot of friction...or...My grade 10 english teacher.
All that biking in the desert has sure brought on one hell of a case of pantyfroth.
by Stephen McDonnell January 25, 2006
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