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3 definitions by stefmart

Brutalitarianism is a word used to describe an event in which someone gets hurt, owned, pwned, dooped or brutalized to the point where it could be a religion.
I just had to listen to my girlfriend tell me how her day was. It was brutalitarianism to the fullest extent of the law without being punishable.
by stefmart May 16, 2007
A giant dildo, roughly the size of a baseball bat.
Customer: "Do you have anything that will destroy me?"

Clerk: "Here - try the San Fransisco Giant."
by stefmart January 28, 2011
the first monday after thanksgiving when cyborgs get all their christmas shopping done.
cyborg 1: have you started your christmas shopping yet?
cyborg 5: no, i usually wait until cyborg monday.
by stefmart November 29, 2010