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An incorrect interpretation of the song, "We Be Burnin'" turned into an expression. The word, a synonym to rah digga, can be used to express a wide variety of emotions and feelings. Yandeybois, however, can only be used by an elite group of scholars whose mental capabilities far exceed that of a normal human being.
Yandeybois! Alfred bring my tea and today's copy of the Wall Street Journal!

Yandeybois Johnson! These gooks are all over this ravine. Use extreme caution.

YOOOO! I'm so trashed man. Yandeybois i need another 18pack. fuck man! I'm gonna barf.
by stefang May 18, 2006
Originates from a group of teens located in Brooklyn/Lower Manhattan. It can be used as a pronoun, adjective, or just a word added to enhance a sentence. When used in dialougue, people familiar with its roots and significance understand its meaning in that context. People unfamiliar with it become utterly confused. It is commonly shortened to rah, diggz, or rah diggz.
"What up rah!"
"Yo rah!"
"That's rah"
by stefang February 28, 2006
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