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To block out a driver in the slow lane trying to enter the fast lane. If you are driving car A, you are in the fast lane of a two lane Highway and you are the one who will conduct the maneuver and tactically knock out Car B-the car that you don't like. Car B is in the slowlane and is approaching a car ahead -Car C-that is going slower than Car B. To TKO Car B, the Driver of Car A in the fastlane, must slow down to the approximate speed of Car C and align Car A such that the driver in Car B is blocked from entering the fast lane and cannot pass either Car A or Car C. A little confusing but this highway diagram might help...
____________(Car A)
____________(Car B)_(Car C)
Driver "Should I TKO this Cherokee?"
Passenger "Please do"
Driver "Right on"
Cherokee Driver "What the F***!"
by steereson September 04, 2006

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