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A dialect word originating from Derby and Sheffield

a) Adjective used to describe a moody or grumpy person

b) Can also be used as 'mard' as a noun to describe someone who is currently in a mood

c) Someone who is reguarly mardy can be described as a mardy bum or mardy arse
"Lucy had a go at me for nothing today. She's so mardy at the moment!"

"Tom's in a mard with me because I called his mum a slag"

"Jenny never stops complaining - she's such a mardy bum!"
by steelcitygirl November 10, 2009
A local nickname for Sheffield, originating from it's long history of steel manufacture. Mainly used by locals when asked where they live.
Person 1: So where are you from?

Person 2: Woo! Steel city!
by steelcitygirl November 10, 2009

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