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sweetest team ever
in any sport
big 12 champs in football and basketball by 2008
Nebraska Cornhuskers
The Huskers owned Colorado again
The Huskers owned KSU(cks) again
The Huskers owned Texas again
The Huskers own everyone
need I go on?
by steeeeeeve perry April 10, 2005
a game where you play ping pong with a twist. when one player wins a game (usually to 11, 15 or 21 points) the loser stips. very high quality game. very fun.
I played strip ping pong with a couple of ladies last night. needless to say I had to play leftie to give them a fighting chance. I liked it.
by steeeeeeve perry December 21, 2004
as seen on south park. How you play is to kick the other guy in the nuts and then he kicks you in the nuts. the first person to falls down or yell in pain loses. It is a very funny game to watch but it is only fun to participate if you kick first (the kicker) and it isnt that fun if you are the one getting kicked ( kickee) hilarious on South Park
Kenny: Hey cartman want to roshombo for the last chocolate salty ball?
CArtman: fuck no kenny you poor bastard its mine!
Kenny: Roshombo! (kicks cartman in the nuts)
Cartman: you bastard! (kills Kenny)
by steeeeeeve perry January 10, 2005
not wearing any underwear
could be for guy or girl
comes from freeballin'
a.k.a goin commando
I was freebin it today and it was sweet
by steeeeeeve perry December 09, 2004
when youre giving someone a huge wedgie you pull their underwear over their head so they can't move. If you cant pull it all the way to the person's head you could just do it over their toes. It's funny to watch people try to get out of this. Especially annoying little brothers.
I was givin my little brother a huge wedgie and i was tired so i decided to give him a covered wagon and watch him squirm
by steeeeeeve perry January 20, 2005
school for queers

fook em
oh yeah texas sucks

p.s. i hate texas
by steeeeeeve perry January 31, 2005

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