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slidop -ing -ed
v. the growth of an unwanted testical in a person's nasal cavity
Damn man, my nose is slidoping.
by steaksauce March 06, 2003
v. The act of eating a vagina in a "slushy" state.
I had to do a chomchure to clean up the mess I made before.
by steaksauce March 06, 2003
being stoned and drunk all at one glorious moment
im so fucking stunk.
by steaksauce August 10, 2003
The mispronounciation of banjo. Usually mispronounced by rednecks/hicks from the southern Alabama region.
Hey ma, i gots this banji for triee frogz. (yes, they somehow pronounce I in lowercase)
by steaksauce March 06, 2003
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