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2 definitions by stauff30

Eating a vast quantity of fattening food, with haste.
Dude, you wanna get something to eat at Marcel's? How about Gibson's or Ruth's Chris? Nah, I'm not feeling it. Let's just go troughing at Chili's.
by Stauff30 February 09, 2012
An email address that you give when you don't want anyone to know your real email address. Most commonly used when you have to register at a site to view porn. Also, having a porn address allows you the freedom and benefit of giving your girlfriend access to your email without worry.
"Dude, I met this SMOKING hot chick on the plane today and she wants to hook up!"
"Whoa, aren't you worried Shirley will find out?"
"Nah, I gave her my porn address."
by stauff30 May 08, 2013