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Oi! is having a laugh and having a say.
Oi! is bigger than any uniform.
Oi! is sharp in brain and dress.
Oi! is you and me... Winning.
Oi! is thinking for yourself.
Oi! is pride and self-respect.
Oi! is the beat of the street.
Oi! is working class protest.
Oi! is youth eternal.
Oi! is youth enrage.
Oi! is a way of life.
Johnny isn't a Street Punk or a Skinhead, he's an Oi! Punk
by stateofalert February 01, 2005
Fucking amazing band. Better than the Casualties and almost any other street punk band you can name. Support em!
Get one of their patches for yah jacket.
by stateofalert February 01, 2005

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