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Adjective, noun: The polar opposite of offdahook. A person or thing of low quality. A very unprofessional individual.
MojoMan, after sniffing some bunk weed: "Man, what the fuck is this jackleg shit?"
by stashgordon May 11, 2003
Straight up on thafarilla, he's the man with mojo-to-go; it's hard to bring him down. Chock-fulla positive vibes, can ya diggit.
Yeah, the chicks really dig that MojoMan; he knows how to elevate them.
by stashgordon May 11, 2003
Penis... duh!
"Ya know that bitch you brought over? She played a few notes on my priccolo last night while you were passed out in front of the TV, you fuckstick!"
by stashgordon May 11, 2003
Outrageously, superlatively kick-ass. So bad-ass you can't fuck widdit.
MojoMan, coughing uncontrollably, tears in his eyes: "Dammit, man! That shit is offdahook! Where'd you get it?"
by stashgordon May 11, 2003
obviously, the line bisecting the swollen end of your fuckstick and the shaft...
Homegirl's wound up tighter than dick's hatband.
by stashgordon May 11, 2003

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