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Now come on guys, only 7 entries to define the Common Market?
The 'union' is purely a business thing in order to sell stuff more easily. If anyone thinks it is anything other than an extension of ronald mcdonald type hegemony then you need to watch a lot more Simpsons, South Park and Steve Bell.
My grandchild has a a portuguese mother, an english father and she was born in france. Eventually the portuguese authorities will give her a passport but this will take up to four months. Meantime she cannot travel and we cannot see her. So where is the 'european union' in that? I have to say that the quicker this charade called 'democracy', with which the rich and powerful dazzle us, is exposed as a money making lie, the better.
#common market #simpsons #south park #steve bell #democracy
by starfish steve March 20, 2007
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