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Neo-Dove is the nickname of the drug 4-floroamphetamine, or 4-FA. 4-FA is an amphetamine that causes euphoria, empathy, and very mild hallucinations similar to MDMA (Ecstasy.) It also has similar stimulant effects as other amphetamine class drugs.
I did 200mg of Neo-Dove last night at a party. Felt like I was rolling for about 6 hours.
by starfire_X February 10, 2012
1: Tripping on the potent psychedelic drug 2C-P, also known as 'Rainbows.' due to it's production of multicolored soft pastels visuals that breach the color spectrum. 2C-P is a phenethylamine psychedelic of the '2C' class.

2: Overcome by the intense psychedelic high of 2C-P.
I did 20 milligrams of Rainbows last night. I freaked.

I am rainbowed.
by starfire_X February 10, 2012

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