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used to describe a pretty girl
damm she's chio
by stardust September 04, 2003
Can be used in several ways.

1) As a positive adjective, a humansexual is identical to a pansexual, wherein another person's gender is irrelevant in regards to having an affinity for them. A humansexual is above all else attracted to humans as human beings.

2) Can be used as an insult to bisexual or pansexual people and could be a compliment for some. In this respect, the person being given the label is so indiscriminate as to label them a whore. They are so hyper-sexual that they are willing to have sex with whomever they see fit for the time being. It is not the person they care about, but their abillity to please them sexually. Most of these humansexuals are only really horny and not actually bisexual.

3) Can be used as a noun to describe someone who possesses an abillity to make anyone feel attracted to them. Gender and sexual orientation is completely disregarded because the person in question is so beautiful that it does not matter. This is, of course, is so rare it's practically non-existent.
1) My friend says she doesn't fall in love with a man or woman but the person's soul.

2) Colin Farrell and Madonna are two slutty humansexuals.

3) Angelina Jolie is the epitome of a humansexual. Everyone wants to have sex with her.
by stardust February 21, 2005
When someone who know starts acting like a complete jackass, when normally they're not.
Person 1: "Did you see that chick last night?"
Person 2: "Yeah, wasn't she hot, too bad she's Rachel's cousin..."
Person 1: "Rachel's my girlfriend! What's wrong with Rachel?"
Person 2: ".... Nothing.."
Person 1: "Why you being so Jackassish?"
by StarDust July 23, 2013
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