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1. An outburst of anger or frustration that the wankers (q.v.) are once again "getting on your tits" through their incompetence.

Used by IT support staff to describe the feelings of loss of temper towards "users"; when once again, they've fucked up the system.

2. An outburst of shock at the prospect of immenent death, injury or pain.
"Christ on a bike; don't those wankers ever listen to a fucking word we tell them?"

by Stan Grytviken April 01, 2003
(Adj) The same. But more so.

At a higher level.
"You were a bit spannered last night, weren't you?"

"In Spades, mate. In Spades"
by Stan Grytviken April 01, 2003
"Christ, I was fucking spannered last night, how many did I have?"
by Stan Grytviken April 01, 2003
Christ on a Bike, but in Spades.

(But only used as an epithet of outrage and frustration)
"Christ on a fucking bike."
(Accompanied with pen being physically hurled across the desk)

"This idiot's complaining the report's 'different from' the last time they ran it. What do they do when they get a bank statement? Ring up Barclays' and say 'this statement's different from the one you sent me last June?"
by Stan Grytviken April 01, 2003
Supporter of Hartlepool Utd. Football Club and / or denizen of the Borough of Hartlepool.

(cf "simian-strangler", "monkey-hanger", "gibbon-garotter", "strangler", "cod-head"etc. etc. etc.)
I say, you there, you supporer of Hartlepool United, I aver that you are indeed a "Chimp-choking bastard".
by Stan Grytviken April 01, 2003
QANGO responsible for the overseeing of education of tinies in the County of Nottinghamshire. Includes remit for Mansfield Technical College

As part of the "new educationalist" thinking which blighted the UK in the 60s and 70s, adheres to the premise it is not necessary to teach grammar.
by Stan Grytviken April 12, 2003
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